Savings Accounts for Children

Parents planning to open savings accounts for their children should look for those with high interest rates, low account fees and useful banking facilities, according to John Miller CEO of

It’s never too early to start good money habits. And one of the best ways to raise money-smart kids is by opening savings accounts for children when they are still young. With so many banks and finance companies offering various junior bank accounts, settling for the right savings account will need some serious thoughts.

Here are the few important things for parents to consider when choosing savings accounts for their children.

High Interest Rates

In general, children’s savings accounts pay a higher interest rate compared to transaction or savings accounts for adults. Interest rates for junior savings accounts vary from bank to bank, though. Some pay much higher interest rates with certain conditions.

For example, in Australia, the BankWest Kids’ Bonus Saver offers a very high interest rate – at one point 10% per annual bonus interest rate – provided that monthly deposits of between $25 and $250 are made during the 12 months the account is active and that no withdrawals are made. Such kids’ savings accounts are extremely useful to earn good returns and for very young children who still haven’t started spending money on their own yet.

No or Low Account Fees

Look for children’s savings accounts with no or very low account fees. Most kids’ savings accounts don’t come with fees and charges. So this is not that big a problem. However, fees may apply if there are frequent transactions. For older children who will be making lots of deposits and withdrawals, look for a savings account with unlimited free transactions.

The Choice Youth package from Westpac designed for young people under 21, for example, allows account holders to have zero-fee unlimited banking transactions at all branches, ATMs, over the phone and the Internet.

Useful Banking Facilities

If the aim is just to save money, a junior savings account with a very high interest rate that discourages withdrawals such as the BankWest Kids’ Bonus …

About Finding Lawyers

law order christmas xmas tip tipper tipping cgon827 low - About Finding LawyersIf you are in a car crash and also endure an injury, you must speak with a lawyer. Although many people would like to do the ideal point and compensate your for your injury, it is hardly ever approximately the individual which created the injury. In fact, it will more than likely go to the discernment of the other individual’s insurance provider.

Furthermore, as all of us know, insurance companies will certainly do whatever in their power not to provide payment for your injury or provide a settlement to you way listed below just what you would certainly receive if you had actually employed a lawyer. If you did not know, insurance companies make money from this sort of under compensation.

A seasoned auto mishap or bankruptcy attorney will know the best ways to bargain with the insurer, build your case, and take your situation to test if required. It is not advisable for you to meet directly with the insurer without your legal representative existing.

Find the ideal attorney could be a time consuming and also difficult job. Typically people begin their search when they need one instantly. A lawyer ought to be selected for their know-how as well as experience in cars and truck accident instances.

The best attorney will certainly have experience in instances such as yours as well as will be able to act instantly. The appropriate legal representative will certainly know exactly what to do right away without needing to research your instance or check court choices, as he/she ought to recognize with your kind of case. Choosing the appropriate legal representative will conserve you time and money in the future.

Begin your search for your lawyer as soon as possible. A vital due date called ¡ ° statuary of constraints ¡ ± as well as other target dates could offer you a limited quantity of time to take legal action. Do no rely on recommendations from loved ones in choosing your legal representative, doing so will restrict your search for the appropriate legal representative. However, if a family member or buddy could recommend a …