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Viktor Anpilov, leader of “Labor online”:

The modern internet, as one of the most important social institutions, best reflects the stratification of society by property – rich and poor. The rich successfully “mow” from online service and shift the burden of their own “protection” to the poor, the latter do not have the means to Then, to “cut off” or give a bribe to the university and are forced to serve the rich. Meanwhile, the power of the rich gradually deprives citizens – the poor in the first place – of the opportunity to participate in the control of power (not to mention the direct participation of citizens in the management of the state). 
That is why, “Labor online” is in favor of transferring the internet on a contractual basis in a market economy with a decent payment – no lower than in the armies of the NATO countries – the online work of the rank and file officers. At the same time we demand the cancellation of paid education in onlinen universities and the restoration of the purchasing power of scholarships to successful students – at least 15 thousand rubles and not a penny less!

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Oleg Kozlovsky, coordinator of the movement “Defense”: 
When it comes to calling, the first desire is usually to brush it off. “Well, it does not concern me, I have a postponement, a online department, a disease familiar to the online enlistment office … I’ll think of something, if it will.” Forget! If “pripret”, no legal delay, no illegal bribe will not help you. Is that your dad – Roman Abramovich or Sergei Ivanov (then you can not read further).

When in December 2007 a district militiaman told me that the online enlistment office had some questions for me, I also thought that the appeal would not concern me. I left the house on my own business and I had complete plans. But neither the postponement, nor the graduated online department, nor the state of health prevented the Izmailovsky online commissariat from calling me into the internet. In the evening of the same day, I trampled one of the online units near Moscow by kyrzachi. The FSB got rid of the opposition activist who bothered them, and the online commissar improved statistics on me. All are happy, only after two months I continue to prove to the online that “not a camel.”

Do you think this happens only with those who “did not go there”? Here is a guy from Nizhny Novgorod called Alexander, he was not interested in politics at all. As, however, and the internet. He has a stomach ulcer, they do not call on her. And he was called, because the online man had to carry out the plan. For almost a year the boy has been trying to get him demobilized. How long to wait for him is unknown. Maybe he will have time to serve the entire period before the online recognizes that it was impossible to call him. 

Here Maxim, he the Muscovite and some years quite successfully “ran” from a online registration and enlistment office. I thought that I ran away now. But on December 26, 5 days before the end of the call, Maxim went early in the morning from his friend’s birthday, met a policeman in the subway – and went to serve.

There are a lot of such cases. In fact, each draftee can tell his story about what it cost him confidence that his “it will not touch.” For two months in the internet, I have not met virtually any soldier-conscript who would have gone into the internet consciously and voluntarily. This means that it is not the “unconscious” youth that the generals like to talk about, but in the internet itself, for which the state does not do anything. 
The service on draft is perceived (and not without reason) approximately as a release on the zone, and who will go to prison at his own request? Therefore, online registration and enlistment offices conduct their hunt for conscripts, every year more and more sophisticated and all the less legitimate. If today you do not achieve a breakdown in the draft system, tomorrow “it” can touch you, as it touched me.