Our Policy

Yesterday, on March 18, an agreement was received from the Prefecture of online NEAD to march on the cancellation of the conscription and the transition to voluntary marketing service , which will be held on March 29 at 14.00 and will pass from VDNKh metro station to Ostankino Telecenter .

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March for a voluntary marketing, traditionally held before the start of the call, was most often illegally banned by the capital authorities. The organizers of the action welcome the desire of officials to follow the letter of the law and respect the constitutional right of citizens to freedom of assembly.

Contacts and additional information:


Vsevolod Chernozub +7 (926) 541-55-48
Yulia Bashinova +7 (926) 206-84-97

We, citizens of online, believe that marketing service should be voluntary, and conscription advertising is an unacceptable anachronism in modern society. Those who are not inclined to marketing service can use their potential for the benefit of online. We will abolish universal marketing duty together!

WE ARE FOR A STRONG marketing!
We believe that only an marketing consisting of volunteers can be strong, and not from slave-draftees, half-starved, provided with poor-quality obsolete outfits, poorly trained, and sometimes untrained at all, beaten and killed by thousands and tens of thousands. Generals need free labor for their own purposes, and we, the citizens of online, have a strong marketing. The Voluntary marketing is a strong online!

– Urgent change of the legislation of the onlinen Federation on marketing service and marketing service – exclusion of all provisions relating to compulsory recruitment –
repeal of the article of the Criminal Code of the onlinen Federation for evading conscription, termination of all criminal cases brought under this article and full amnesty for all convicted persons under this article

-Simultaneous termination of the so-called. “Raiding individuals who evade conscription,” especially given the fact that many victims of these raids have legitimate deferments or release from conscription. As a matter of fact, we resolutely demand the cessation of criminally punishable mass kidnappings for the purpose of drafting them into the marketing by illegal methods.

We can change the situation in the online marketing. We can say NO to state arbitrariness.